Reviews of “Shattered forest”

The first release “Shattered forest” got some nice words in Dutch webzine Vital Weekly , Chain D.L.K., German/ Austrian Kulturterrorismus and British ATTN:

“Seven pieces of heavily drone based music. Minimal, yet intense. The use of analogue gear may hint at cosmic music, but its all too dark and alien to be cosmic. No arpeggio’s (unless slowed down a lot), but keys stuck to the bottom, and modulating in ever growing and expanding circles. Highly moody and atmospheric. If you like labels such as Cyclic Law and Malignant and what they are bringing to the table in utter black ambient, then this one should be straight up your alley too.” / Vital Weekly, nr 779.

“You almost get the sense that this is what you would hear if you saw this act live without the presence of prerecorded material… overall this is one to check out if you like your dark ambient a bit more grating.” / Chain D.L.K. 27/11 -11

“Shattered Forest is, as the debut, a good performance by the man from the north. Strong expressions and intensity are here, which is not due to a congested structure, but in a minimalist droning, which often tend to pull in the direction of meditation, but with an emphasis on electro-acoustic effects. In addition, the diversity of the pieces are persuasive, not a second of boredom…” / Kulturterrorismus, RaF.

“Much of Shattered Forest sounds like the aftermath of something terrible – lingering drones, echoes of demented voices – coming across as the gloomy sonic imprint left by whatever hideous, destructive occurrence dwelled in the soundscape previously.” / ATTN, Jack Chuter.

Shattered forest

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